HD1029 is a new type of physical foaming dielectric raw material, specialized for communication cable diameters from 0.8 to 22 mm. High expansion degree and good electrical properties are its main characteristics.

HD1029 does not contain a nucleating agent so that a small amount has to be added during the extrusion process.



Melt index          g/10min    5.8        (190℃,2.16KG)

Density             g/cm3        0.93 

Dielectric constant    (1MHz)    2.33

Dissipation Factor    (1MHz)    2.0×10-4

Volume resistivity     Ω.cm     2.0×1016


HD1029 Processing Temperature Profile

Zone         158

Zone         178

Zone         188

Zone         198

Zone         195

Head           180

Die             168


The temperature data above are listed only as an operation guideline.Adjustments should be made during producion according to technical perameters such as cable size,construction,melting pressure.




Form:       pellets

Package:     25 kg bags

They should be stored in a dry and cool area.



HD1029 is not classified as a dangerous preparation and has passed the ROHS directive. It meets the requirements for the Food and Drug Administration regulation.

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