Paint modifier HD700

HD700 is one of the compatibilizer, has the extremely high polarity and reactivity, can be directly added to the composite material as additive, improving morphological structure of the composite materials and other products, effectively prevent the material forming size changes


Typical applications:


1. HD700 is widely used in the masterbatch as dispersant, to a certain extent, can improve the level of pigment dispersion, due to the low viscosity of the product and it has good compatibility with paint, this product can reduce viscosity, enhance the role of liquidity, improve production efficiency, increase production, and can allow higher pigment concentration.

2. HD700 can be widely used in plastic alloy processing, paint, wood and plastic and asphalt concrete pavement(asphalt), used as a compatibility agent, dispersant, improve the interface compatibility effect, even the thermodynamic stability of the system so as to achieve the purpose of improving product performance, adjustable viscosity at the same time.

3.Applied in printing ink, can provide resistance to friction, scratch resistance, anti adhesion, and retains the properties such as luster; Also can improve the hydrophilicity and change the rheological properties of ink printing performance;


Addition: 3—8%

Form:   powdery

Package: 25 kg bags, double layers packing

They should be stored in a dry and cool area.

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